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Diane is incredibly knowledgable & well liked in our community. She coordinated everything (even in the toughest situations) professionally * with great understanding of our needs.- Keith & Allison Kaululaau Nov 03, 2014 Testimonial 


I can’t imagine anyone being better than DIane! – William Heitman Oct 20, 2014 Testimonial


Diane provided excellent service for us. I would highly recommend her! – Jim & Cindy Scott Sept 13, 2014 Testimonials


Diane is amazing! She not only did an amzing job helping my husband & I find a house, but she sold two others quickly and efficiently. We could always get a hold of her & she responded quickly to all concerns. When we closed she even provided us boxes for the move. She goes above and beyond in every way & we have been recommending her to everyone we know! Megan Schwarzrock Aug 20, 2014 Testimonial


Eric Schwarzrock Aug 14, 2014 Testimonial


Pamela Everett Aug 09, 2014 Testimonial


Kept us aware of the status of both the purchase and sale of our properties. Absolute A1 personality, very knowledgable. Just love her! – Eric Beer & Tom Swan July 24, 2014 Testimonial


Her knowledge about the home buying process and her organization to get everything done right and on time! – Jennifer & Donald Romy-Frederick July 02, 2014 Testimonial


Highly professional. – Anthony Gokoffski February 26, 2014 Testimonial


Caring attitude and Real Estate knowledge. – Barry & Margo Remmel February 17, 2014 Testimonial


Diane Heaton is the best. I would certainly call on her again and would not hesitate to recommend her. – Edward Gallegos February 04, 2014 Testimonial


Diane has been responsive to all our needs. Nice to work with =). – Olga Soletto & Gerald Arthur February 01, 2014 Testimonial


Diane Heaton is the best. I would certainly call on her again and would not hesitate to recommend her. – Edward Gallegos February 01, 2014 Testimonial


Diane’s knowledge of the realty market made the process so easy for us. As long as she’s available, we will never work with any other realtor. – Michael & Angela Riggan January 23, 2014 Testimonial


Very instrumental in selling our property in Reno and recommending an agent to sell our condo in the bay area. Diane is very patient and professional. We appreciated her assistance in finding our requirements in having a large lot with a builder who allowed upgrades. We love our home thanks to Diane! – Maria Masters & Camille Quenneville January 02, 2014 Testimonial


Super friendly, supportive, and understanding. – Sajida & Mariam Ahmad December 23, 2013 Testimonial


The very frequent updates on the process of buying a home. – Charles & Rita Thayer November 27, 2013 Testimonial


Diane knows all the answers. Diane knows everything about this town. Diane is honest & trustworthy. I worked with many realtors and she’s the best! P.S. She works hard and is always available. – Irene Roth November 08, 2013 Testimonial


She was willing to go above and beyond. Diane is an amazing woman & deserves to be recognized for her hard work & determination. Her help was invaluable! 🙂 – Jessica Hall October 16, 2013 Testimonial


Her quick response to any of our questions or concerns during our buying process. Awesome experience! – Kerry & Sheryl White October 01, 2013 Testimonial


Knowledgable, trustworthy, friendly, most important she kept pounding the pavement in search for a home for me! – Nancy  Payton September 26, 2013 Testimonial


Website! – Jeff & Louise Liske September 13, 2013 Testimonial


Diane set me up so the listings would be emailed. This provided a great way to keep up with what I wanted to find. – Vibe Property Ventures August 16, 2013 Testimonial


Knowing the other realtors in the area and working with them to get what we want. – William Walker & Shirene Urton August 09, 2013 Testimonial


Agent Diane Heaton was great! – Gary Farrar Trustee August 05, 2013 Testimonial


She knew my needs & met them. Diane Heaton is the best!! – Deveny Nelson May 02, 2013 Testimonial


Diane’s consistently high level of knowledge & communication with us through the entire process! She is the best! – Daniel & Jill Navarette May 02, 2013 Testimonial


Diane was a terrific agent, she was able to find me a great home and get a good deal. I would definitely work with her again. – Kelly Krieger April 22, 2013 Testimonial


Being flexible, helping me to know the area. – Adrienne Hall April 05, 2013 Testimonial


Diane Heaton was the only realtor out of four that took the time and made the effort to sell one property. Diane is the best!! – Maria Masters & Camille Quenneville February 19, 2013 Testimonial


She never gave up, very steady. Great professional! – Donna & Kenneth Miller February 16, 2013 Testimonial


Diane’s understanding of our wish list and her knowledge, and other contacts. Sense of humor was fun! – Cheryl Bassett January 04, 2013 Testimonial


Knew what we wanted and provided many homes for us to look at in the area of Reno + Sparks. – Sidney L. & Kathryn B. Renfro November 28, 2012 Testimonial


She knew every in and out, and helped with every tiny detail that we would have had no idea how to handle! She was truly amazing! – Christopher & Kiersten Holland November 07, 2012 Testimonial


Excellent. Diane is very professional, a hard worker, and a real pleasure to work with. – Edward Gallegos November 06, 2012 Testimonial


We couldn’t possibly choose one reason. Diane was so helpful and personable, it really made the process fun and less stressful. – Matthew B. Hall November 01, 2012 Testimonial


Her knowledge + expertise. – Anna Sue Schroeder Trust September 25, 2012 Testimonial


Excellent. Short sale went fast and smooth, kept our first buyer. Bank was handled efficiently with no non-sense. – Patrick Borden September 21, 2012 Testimonial


Professionalism, knowledge, and winning personality. – James & Frances Nix September 13, 2012 Testimonial


Always returned my phone calls promptly. We really enjoyed Diane from start to finish. – Daniel & Kim Moriarty September 11, 2012 Testimonial


Her enthusiasm and willingness to help us out. – Joe Sobota August 30, 2012 Testimonial


Her ability to get me any service provider I needed. She set up the appointments, very convenient. – Justin Baehmann August 08, 2012 Testimonial


Kept us informed and sane during short-sale process. Helped us tremendously with pre-closing transition. – Mike & Cathy Meadows July 17, 2012 Testimonial


Diane was flexible, patient, and provided me with Reno HouseHunters and listing notifications by email. – Robert & Kaye Vibe June 27, 2012 Testimonial


Hand holding! – Shari Borden May 22, 2012 Testimonial


Diane did a great job. Couldn’t have been happier. – Kenny & Jenna Riley March 23, 2012 Testimonial


Was always available, returned calls in a very timely manner, and was very considerate of our needs. Very nice person. – John & Lanette Vonnoy March 14, 2012 Testimonial


Answered all of our questions and got the job done! Excellent communication and focused on meeting our needs. – Mark & Susan Hansen December 02, 2011 Testimonial


Diane was always there when we needed her assistance. – Stephen & Sherrie Hernandez October 21, 2011 Testimonial


Diane was not only an excellent realtor on all levels, but kind, considerate, personable, and helped in all ways! – Preston Kinne October 04, 2011 Testimonial


Follows through, knowledgable, foresight, had my back! – Kevin Cralle September 07, 2011 Testimonial


Always available to come out at a moments notice to see homes. Willingness to drive 50+ miles to meet us. Also, her enthusiasm in helping us find an inexpensive property in an area she wasn’t(but is now!) familiar with. – Shawn & Kim Gill July 1, 2011 Testimonial


She has all around excellence, impossible to just say one good thing. – Athena Klock & Jason Shearer June 30, 2011 Testimonial


A secure feeling about the whole process. She was very informative and took a lot of time answering all my questions and showing me numerous houses. – Kimberly Pitzer May 25, 2011 Testimonial


Her time, patience & sense of humor. – Leonard & Dena Fong May 02, 2011 Testimonial


Professionalism and knowledge. – Bill Heitman March 14, 2011 Testimonial


Everything wen’t according to plan. – Harry Beaupre March 02, 2011 Testimonial


All the services were very valuable to me. – Eduardo Leyva February 23, 2011 Testimonial


She really cared and took the time to stay in contact with us. – Stephanie McAvoy October 25, 2010 Testimonial


Very supportive and was available at all times. – Megan McDoulett August 14, 2010 Testimonial


Pointing out features of the homes which I might not have noticed. I.E : Roof condition – Carrie Lou Chaney July 29, 2010 Testimonial


Treated our short sale as if it were a million dollar deal! Thanks Diane! – Martin & Jennifer Smith July 17, 2009 Testimonial


Diane Heaton did an excellent job decorating our house, communicating with us & marketing our house. She is a great realtor! – Alla Safronova & Victor Kantsyreu July 01, 2009 Testimonial 


Excellent! – David & Lisa Potter June 25, 2009 Testimonial


Really walking us through the whole process & just being there when questions/concerns came up. – Nick & Michelle Goodness  June 08, 2009 Testimonial


My wife and I felt like Diane and Kathy, helped us for altruistic reasons, instead of commission reasons. I understand that the aforementioned statement sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true! – Jose and Crystal Castaneda December 11, 2008 Testimonial









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